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(Beard) Love is in the air...

As Valentine's Day approaches, statistics show that 64% of men and 61% of women give chocolates, sweets or candy to their sweethearts - but only 10% of men and 14% of women give personal care items as gifts.

This year, give a gift that you'll BOTH love (and won't give you cavities) - Splendid Bastard grooming products! There's still time to order something for that special someone in your life... or treat yourself! You know you're worth it.

Give his beard a gift that you'll both enjoy 

Splendid Bastard Balm and Oil Kit

Get closer this Valentine's Day with our line of beard grooming products that will tame and soften any chin-sweater. With our range of 9 great fragrances, we have something for every beard lover!  For the bearded...

Splendid Bastard Shave Kit

For a closer shave...

If you prefer shaving rather than growing your beard, we still have you covered. If you've never tried a traditional wet-shave with a safety razor, you don't know what you're missing... until you've tried it!

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