With great beard comes great responsibility…

A well-groomed beard is a badge of honour. It tells the world that you are a man that knows how to take care of business... and that you mean business.

It is also a great responsibility. Since the dawn of humanity, beards have always been the ultimate, natural male accoutrement. However, an epic beard should never be taken for granted, neglected or ignored.

A healthy, handsome beard needs lots of attention, grooming and encouragement to be its best and to look its best. That’s why you should be particular about what you feed your beard - a select diet of natural moisturizing and conditioning ingredients will help to yield the most splendid results!

Splendid Bastard beard grooming products are hand-made in small batches, in the South Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, using only a few select, all-natural ingredients.

Beard responsibly, brother - use Splendid Bastard beard grooming products!